The premium version of WP Telegram for absolute WordPress Telegram integration with powerful features.

Below are the most prominent features of WP Telegram Pro. If you want to have a look at all the features of the plugin, click here.

Pro Feature #1

Pro Feature #1

Multiple Bots

You can add multiple bots to use for different modules and channels.

For example, you can use one bot for Post to Telegram and another for notifications. You can even use separate bot for each channel 🙂

Pro Feature #2

Multiple Post to Telegram Instances

You can create as many instances of Post to Telegram as you want and then configure them whatever way you want – based upon category, tag, author, post type, custom taxonomy etc.

For example, you may want to send posts from Category A to Channel A and posts from Category B to Channel B and so on

Pro Feature #3

Multiple Message Templates

Since you can create multiple instances of Post to Telegram, it also means that you can create specific templates based upon category, tag, author etc. and also specific template for specific channel.

Pro Feature #4

Custom Reaction and URL buttons

You can add your own custom reaction and URL buttons with custom labels and links which can then be used in Post to Telegram messages.

Pro Feature #5

Awesome Inline keyboard

You can add the existing or your custom buttons to messages whichever way you want. You can create multiple button rows and multiple buttons in a row.

Pro Feature #6

Instant “Send to Telegram

From WordPress post list table, you can select post(s) to directly send them to Telegram, without the need to edit and update the post.


  • Multiple Bots (as many as you want)
  • Processing of incoming bot updates
  • Easy to install and set up for the admin
  • Support for both long polling and webhook
  • Use only the module(s) you want/need
  • Fully customizable with actions and filters

Post to Telegram

Send posts automatically to Telegram when published or updated. You can send to a Telegram Channel, Group or private chat.

  • Multiple Instances (as many as you want).
  • Multiple Message Templates based upon category, tag, author, post type, custom taxonomy etc.
  • Inline keyboard for messages on Telegram.
  • Send posts instantly to Telegram from post list.
  • Filter posts by post, category, tag, author, custom post type, custom taxonomy etc.
  • Supports separate bot for each channel.
  • Supports Conditional logic for fields in Message Template
  • Multiple Channels/chats based upon category, tag, author, post type, custom taxonomy etc.
  • Built-in Reaction and URL buttons.
  • Custom (your own) Reaction and URL buttons.
  • Direct support for Advanced Custom Fields’ text fields.
  • Explicit support for WooCommerce product fields.
  • Supports sending featured image along with the text.
  • Messages can be delayed by a set duration.

Private Notifications

  • Supports Multiple email to Telegram chat combinations.
  • Supports WooCommerce order notifications, Contact Form 7 and other plugin notifications.
  • Supports BB Press forum notifications.
  • Integrated with WP Telegram Login to let users connect their Telegram.
  • Supports email attachments along with text.
  • Supports separate bot for notifications.


If your host blocks Telegram, you can use proxy to bypass the ban.

  • Supports proxy using Cloudflare worker, which supports file upload 😍.
  • Supports proxy using Google Script.
  • Supports all proxies supported by PHP


Single Site
  • For 1 website
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • 4 month premium support
Upto 5 Sites
  • For 2 - 5 websites
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • 6 month premium support
Upto 10 Sites
  • For 2 - 10 websites
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • 8 month premium support
Upto 100 Sites
  • For 10 - 100 websites
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • 1 year premium support


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  • Must have plugin with grand support

    This plugin has helped automate our channels and made our processes much smoother. We have six channels and each event that we need to announce to the channels gets done so automatically and easily. Extremely customisable.

    The support is so good also, they reply promplty, very helpful, will zoom in if necessary AND write custom codde to suite the needs of the client as they have done for me on several occassions.

    I rate WP Telegram Pro plugin highly.

  • Essential plug for anyone who wants to create an online community on Telegram.

    This plugin is very complete and incredible, with it I can do everything I want automatically. The support is one of the best I’ve ever seen. In just a few hours they resolved any problems I had and even provided me with customized codes for my personal use. ❤️

  • Best support i ever had!

    I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for all of your support. Your unwavering guidance have been invaluable to me. I truly appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to help me.

    Your kindness and generosity have not gone unnoticed. I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. I hope that one day I can repay the favor.

    Thank you again for everything.

  • Excellent Technical Support Makes WPTelegram Pro Plugin Worth Every Penny

    I recently had the pleasure of using the “WPTelegram Pro” plugin and I must say, the technical support provided by their team was simply amazing. I had some doubts regarding the plugin’s functionality and the support team was quick to respond and provide me with the necessary information.

    What really stood out to me was the level of follow-up and personalized attention that I received. The team made sure that my case was resolved in a timely manner and that I was satisfied with the outcome.

    It’s safe to say that the technical support alone is worth every penny of the plugin’s cost. I’m grateful to the WPTelegram Pro team for helping me solve my technical issue and for providing such excellent customer service. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking for a reliable solution for their Telegram integration needs.

  • Mr. Fisherman

    amazing template and more amazing support who quickly helped and made the addition so much needed
    loved :3

  • Very strong support and always online

    I bought the professional version and they solve any problem I have very quickly.
    Thanks for the very strong support for this plugin

  • Fast support and powerful plugin

    Good Tutorial for the setup, clearly and detailed. Had a problem, very good support in telegram chat, respond very fast 2-10min max. uncomplicated Zoom Call to show the problem and to find a solution, now all work as it should

  • A wondefull plugin to post content to telegram

    This is a super super plugin I have ever seen for posting content to telegram. In the pro version, there are so many options on how you want to post your contents to telegram. The plugin is user-friendly and even if you encounter any problem the admin is always there for 24 hours to help until you solve the problem. If you are using a free version I recommend you go Pro and you will never regret it. You will thank me for going pro. I have been using the pro version for more than a year now. I am really enjoying posting to telegram groups and channels as well as sending them instant messages.

  • Amazing Plugin

    WP Telegram Pro is the perfect plugin to connect WordPress with Telegram. Great functions, addons and a fantastic support from the author.

  • Amazing support

    the boys are very active on telegram and are very helpful. I’m really happy to hear about their plugin. 10+

  • I have the pro version and it is fantastic.

    The creator of the plugin helped me with my request with a lot of patience, he even helped me to program a small custom field that I needed a lot to put a special price on my channel, I think that wptelegram is great without a doubt if they take out another plugin for some other activity I will buy it. greetings from Ecuador.

  • 5 Star! Very good Support, very good Plugin

    We want a language base postig


    and Support help us very fast and make a perfect solution.

    Is the best plugin for Telegram worldwide.

    Very Happy!

  • Brilliant plugin!

    This powerful plugin is a godsend. It helps get my stories out to my subscribers instantly and works absolutely flawlessly! Even the support for the Pro version is top-notch and instantaneous.


    The most useful and complete plugin for TELEGRAM on wordpress. A lot of functions! Very useful. Number 1! Top!

  • The best!!

    I have never seen such a responsive and dedicated support for a plugin like this. The plugin itself accomplishes so much and i just love it. Totally worth the money i paid and being a telegram fan myself i highly recommend this to anyone who would like to automate channel content. This is great to use along with a web scraping and posting plugin because essentially you are just setting up free automated alerts via telegram. Hope this plugin will be more and more powerful in the future with many new features. <3

  • Perfect plugin and helpful developer

    The plugin works really well. Also, I have some issues regarding the implementation on my website and the author was really helpful. 100% recommend it!

  • Great Plugin!

    This plugin is very powerful and meets all my needs for automatically sending messages to Telegram. The author helped me when I encountered difficulties, very professional and attentive author, absolute five-star praise

  • From Powerful to Super Powerful

    I was using free WP Telegram plugin for a while now and I was impressed with power and simplicity. I faced some issues with my template but developers of this plugin were always there for me and ready to help. Being on their support chat I saw them always super patient and supportive to everyone. Through all this time they were listening their client wishes while building WP Telegram PRO. WP Telegram PRO is actually supercharged WP Telegram. I didn’t have doubt not even for second to go for it. Now I have so much more possibilities and combination how to use it. Game just started, and I love it already. WP Telegram is cool, but WP Telegram PRO is beast. If you’re using Telegram in combination with WordPress this piece of software is only thing what you will ever need.

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